Have you or someone you’ve known asked this question?

“What am I going to do this month with just $1200 to live on?

Rent alone for a one-bedroom apartment in many parts of the U.S. costs $1000 or more per month. Many people who live on Social Security Retirement benefits, Social Security Income, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), among others, get little more or less than $1000 per month to survive on. So, how is it that we are able to survive on this amount of money each month when our bills cost more than the money we have to spend?

The answer is simple: We don’t! At least, not very easily. But, what we can do is put a whole lot of discounts and free and lower-cost services and supports in place to help make up the difference. So how might we do that?

Low-Income Survivors to Thrivers was developed to be used as a TOOL to determine HOW to reduce the overall costs of living so that those of us who live month-to-month on lower incomes are more easily able to identify ALL of the basic services and supports available so that we begin to thrive rather than just survive, thereby living happier ad healthier lives.

How do we save money, increase our availability of nutritious food, find lower-cost housing, health insurance, transportation, home and child care, low-cost entertainment, and afford ourselves all of the other necessities of life that cost more than we might have to spend each month?

The answers to these questions and links to helpful websites to apply for these services and supports are right here for the taking.

Low-Income Survivors to Thrivers is intended to be used as a Do-It-Yourself online tool, which may be used to determine how to reduce spending, increase savings and wealth, and ultimately, lead to a healthier and happier life. The website may be used by people in the U.S. of all age groups who are lower-income, and a number of resources found on the site may be used by everyone, whether or not they fit into this socioeconomic demographic.

Did you run into a resource that may be posted here for others around the U.S. to benefit from? If so, please contact me to let me know what the resource is so that it may be added to the website.

Let’s share our knowledge of resources and successes, and create better lives for ourselves and those we love and care about in the process!

In Health, Wellness and Equity, Jamie

Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

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