Low Income Survivors to Thrivers
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Volunteer Driver Programs

SERVICE/SUPPORT TYPEVolunteer Driver Programs by State
AGENCYNational Center for Mobility Management – National Volunteer Transportation Center
Community Transportation (ctaa.org)
ELIGIBILITY SUMMARYContact each program individually for application and details
WEB LINKCommunity Transportation (ctaa.org)
APPLICATIONContact your Elder Care Locator for local contact
ADDITIONAL INFOFinding Transportation Services for Seniors – AgingCare.com
Charities will call these Driver Programs different names.
The Salvation Army may refer to them as Share a Ride while a faith-based church often calls them emergency services. Another major contributor to this service tends to be the National Aging Network, and there are offices in most counties that help older adults and people with disabilities. While senior citizens are the main focus, others can apply as well. These will be referred to as the Agency on Aging centers.

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