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Alimony & Child Support

ALIMONY (also known as Spousal Support)

According to Nolo.com, “Alimony is generally awarded in cases where the spouses have very unequal earning power and have been married a long time. For example, a judge is unlikely to award alimony if the couple has only been married for a year. In fact, some state laws prohibit alimony awards unless the couple has been married for a certain amount of time.”

Alimony: What Do I Need to Know Before Divorce? | Nolo


According to Very Well Family, “Child support is money paid by one parent to the other parent for the purpose of providing financial support to a child or children. Most frequently, child support is paid by the non-custodial parent to the custodial parent, but this is not always the case.1 National Conference of State Legislatures. Child Support 101: Child Support Basics. Updated August 2, 2012. The Purpose of Child Support (verywellfamily.com)

Find Help with Collecting Child Support | USAGov

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A number of Nolo and other publications may be found on your local library’s website. To save money, search your library’s website to determine if you may get this information for free before purchasing it.

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