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Retirement Planning

Find Federal Benefits when Approaching Retirement (usa.gov)

Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning was developed by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employee Benefits Security Administration (EBSA), and its partners.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Planning for Retirement discusses balancing debt, retirement income, and assets, which become even more important to our financial security as we age.

2021 Profile of Older Americans (acl.gov)


Fidelity Healthcare Calculator assists in estimating how much money will be needed for healthcare expenses in retirement

Plan Your Retirement Journey with the National Council on Aging’s (NCOA’s) Age Well Planner, which helps adults meet their financial goals as they age. Answer a few questions to determine what your savings might look like, and estimate Medicare costs, coverage options, and money savings programs.

National Resource Center on Women and Retirement – Wiser Women

Social Security Retirement Benefits Estimator is a web-based tool that estimates an individual’s Social Security retirement benefit amount at different ages and dates. Create an account here.

The Retirement Income Security Evaluation (RISE) Score™ “…analyzes your income, expenses and the major risks facing your portfolio and generates a score that evaluates how likely you are to outlive your money. It’s like a credit score for retirement.”

“WISER’s Your Future Paycheck® Calculator is an annuity calculator that allows you to calculate an annuity based on investing a set amount or a desired monthly sum.”

Retirement Income Calculators


Annuity.org is a free financial web resource accredited by the Better Business Bureau. For many, an annuity can be part of their financial portfolio for their retirement. Annuities can help older adults build tax-deferred savings to handle retirement costs like healthcare and living expenses. For those who find themselves caring for an aging loved one, the concept can be a bit intimidating. The site has extensive information on the different types of annuities, the tax implications involved in owning one, and why seniors are often targeted to buy annuities.

Pension Assistance | Pension Rights Center

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