Low Income Survivors to Thrivers
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Entrepreneurship Assistance

Have you dreamed of starting your own business? If so, there are a number of agencies that provide free and low-cost entrepreneurship guidance and resources.

Self-Employment Assistance Program

Self-Employment Assistance, Employment & Training Administration (ETA) – U.S. Department of Labor (doleta.gov)

“This is a voluntary program for States and, to date, Delaware, Mississippi, New Hampshire, New York, and Oregon have active Self-Employment Assistance programs. The State Workforce Agency websites for these states can be accessed at http://www.servicelocator.org/OWSLinks.asp.”

Entrepreneurship Competency Model at CareerOneStop

“In collaboration with the Consortium for Entrepreneurship Education (CEE), the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) has worked with education, business, and industry leaders to develop a comprehensive competency model for entrepreneurship as it relates to all careers areas. The model is designed to be adaptable along with changing skill requirements. CEE has committed to working with entrepreneurship leaders and partners to keep the model current.”

America’s Small Business Development Center (SBDCs)

Find your local SBDC.

SBDC Services may include:

  • Free Business Consulting
  • Free & At-Cost Training
  • Accessing Capital
  • Technology Development
  • Business Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • International Trade
  • Marketing
  • …and more!


SCORE’s List of Start-Up Resources

“The SCORE Business Learning Center (SBLC) provides aspiring and existing small business owners in-depth online learning paths of specific business topics, such as online marketing, startup basics, and more. “

SCORES interactive programs include:

  • Online Marketing for Small Business Owners
  • Simple Steps for Starting Your Business
  • Startup Basics
  • Marketing Basics
  • Finance Basics
  • Management Basics

Prison Entrepreneurship Program

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