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Benefit Finder Tools

Woman who uses a wheelchair sits in front of a computer with another person sitting to her side.
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It’s easier than ever to determine what benefits we may be eligible for. Using a device, such as a computer, tablet, or cell phone with Internet connectivity, within a matter of minutes, we may determine what benefit programs, services, and supports are available to assist us with meeting a variety of needs in the U.S.

Goekler Consulting provides web links to online benefit screening tools and information and takes no legal or other responsibility for online tools or resources used by consumers.

Service and support eligibility requirements often change, so you will need to do your own research and not rely on what’s written in this guide as fact. Even facts can change over time. Think of the guide as a jumping-off point for doing your own research to determine what services and supports are out there, and those that might be a good fit to apply for.

This website and the resource information contained in it should NEVER be used in lieu of legal advice or counsel. This website is provided for research navigation purposes only. One will need to assume complete responsibility and liability in using the information contained on this website researching the information for oneself and applying for services and support as appropriate.

Before applying for OR utilizing ANY resources listed here, or those found elsewhere, first, check with your benefits advocate(s) and/or proper legal counsel to determine if applying for each service or support will in any way negatively affect any current or future benefits, including, but not limited to, public assistance benefits (e.g. Medicaid, SNAP, and General Relief), social security, disability, unemployment, worker’s compensation, state disability, social security disability insurance, SSI/SSP, Veteran, subsidized housing, or other benefits, services or supports.

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