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Estate Planning

Estate Planning: 11 Things to do Before You Die by LegalZoom

Estate Planning Info & FAQs by the American Bar Association

Estate Planning FAQS: The Probate Process The American Bar Association describes probate as a “court-supervised process of administering your estate and transferring your property at death pursuant to the terms of your will.”

Nolo’s Avoiding Probate in Your State Probate costs money for court and filing and other fees, reducing one’s overall estate for the beneficiary. It also takes time for one’s assets to pass through probate. Nolo has an article that provides state-by-state resources that describe how one may avoid probate.

Nolo’s Making a Living Trust: Can You Do It Yourself?

Write Your Legal Will Online, Free & Simple | FreeWill

Do Your Own Will

Who Will Care for Your Pet After You Die? – RetireGuide

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