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Internet, PCs, Laptops, and Training

SERVICE/SUPPORTInternet, PCs, Laptops, and Training
ELIGIBILITY SUMMARYIf you or a dependent child who lives with you qualifies for discount Internet access based on income or participation in a federal public assistance program, you could save a lot of money by selecting a low-cost Internet option. Some companies offer discounted Internet service to families with children who receive free school lunches, students, older adults, veterans, those living in certain types of government-subsidized housing, or those receiving public assistance benefits.
WEB LINKFind offers in your area — EveryoneOn
APPLICATIONGo to the individual company website to apply
ADDITIONAL INFO**Connectall.org offers discounted computers and Internet for low-income families and students.
**The On It Foundation provides free computers, computer training, and the Internet to low-income families with students in grades K-12 that receive a free or reduced school lunch, attend a public school, and reside within the United States. 
*Digital Access Project: Increasing Online Opportunities and Access for People with Disabilities.

Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Universal Service High-Cost Program

The program is designed to ensure that consumers in rural areas, other high-cost building areas, and territories (also known as “insular” areas) have access to modern broadband networks at rates that are comparable to those in urban areas. This includes voice services and fixed and mobile networks for data. 

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