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Weatherization Assistance Programs

Weatherization Assistance Programs (WAP) for Low-Income Persons

Program details, including eligibility, how to apply, and who to contact:

How to Apply for Weatherization Assistance (WAP)

Community Action Agency Programs

A focus tends to be addressing the following needs. Community action agencies may help with the following, which will tend to be financial assistance.

  • Funds for preventing evictions or homelessness.
  • They also address hunger by providing information on USDA food programs.
  • Home repair programs, including low interest loans.
  • LIHEAP as well as free weatherization programs are run from community action agencies.
  • There is also help for those that are most at risk, such as children and senior citizens.
  • Some locations may offer funding from government grants for those expenses.
  • Other non-profit community action agencies may be able to offer qualified applicants access to other forms of cash assistance.

Locate Your Community Action Agency

Where to Access Weatherization Assistance Program Resources – U.S. Map

How to Find Your Weatherization Assistance Program Agency

Heating and Air Conditioning

Heating Repair Replacement Program

Homeowners may receive financial assistance for the maintenance of the existing heating system or the purchase of a new one. The program prioritizes certain populations and may pay only a portion of the financial assistance.

How to Apply:

Contact 211 for the local Community Action Agency contact information (also listed below):

Government Grants for Free HVAC System Replacement

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