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Charity Care-Help Paying Medical Bills

AGENCYReimbursement by federal and state government to non-profit agencies varies
COSTHealth care is provided for free, or at a reduced cost, to people with limited income who would otherwise be unable to pay for their treatment, often at tax-exempt charitable hospitals, although different states have different rules about income and eligibility guidelines
ELIGIBILITY SUMMARYVaries by state/location, usually through non-profit health care institutions
WEB LINKHow to Obtain Charity Care (verywellhealth.com)
APPLICATIONContact your state’s hospital association, reach out to the state insurance department, or speak with a social worker or financial assistance counselor at the hospital.
ADDITIONAL INFOThe Affordable Care Act implemented some new rules that apply to tax-exempt charitable hospitals [26 U.S. Code 501(r)] in an effort to ensure that patients’ bills aren’t sent to collections until after the hospital determines whether the patient is eligible for charity care (Para. 2)”.

The Evolution of Charity Care Programs to Support Enrollment in Health Coverage (chcs.org) 

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: Hospital Charity Care & Community Benefits

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