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Save Big $ On Online Purchases

Download Browser Promo Extensions and SAVE BIG $

Before purchasing anything online, use one or more browser promo extensions, such as the ones listed below. In one purchase alone, I saved $44 on a pair of hiking boots for an online coupon code that the browser promo extension automatically located for me when I put the product in the online store cart. The price of my pair of hiking boots went from $131 to $87, including tax and shipping. The best part is that I didn’t have to do anything to get the discount, except download the browser extension and let it work its magic. The best promo code was selected and added to my shopping cart to give me the best available discount online. Recently, I purchased a new small wardrobe of clothing from JC Penney. The purchase total was under $100 after $298 savings were located by the browser extension to save me mega amounts of money on my purchase. I like to make my purchases from my computer, but there are online apps that will allow you to do the same thing so you may purchase items using these browser promo code extensions from other online devices. People who shop online without using a browser extension/app are basically throwing tons of money in coupon savings in the trash…money that could be used to bolster our savings or retirement accounts, or for other important bills or purchases.

These are the browser extensions I use to make my online purchases:

Although Brad’s Deals is not a browser extension that provides coupon codes, it is a company that finds the best deals on things out there, often offered at deep discounts. Sign up and save at Brad’s Deals.

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