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Advance Directives

PREPARE (prepareforyourcare.org)

“PREPARE is a step-by-step program with video stories to help you:

  • Have a voice in YOUR medical care
  • Talk with your doctors
  • Fill out an advance directive form to put your wishes in writing.”

My PREPARE Advance Directive (AD) by State

Once you’ve completed the steps, the website will instruct you to select your state from a menu.

State by State Advance Directive Forms

Click on your state to download forms

Health Care Power of Attorney – Simple Form which may be used in all but 5 states in the U.S.

The Commission on Law and Aging has released Giving Someone a Power of Attorney For Your Health Care A Guide with an Easy-to-Use, Multi-State Form for All Adults a booklet offering a simple durable power of attorney for health care, designed to meet the legal requirements in nearly all states. See page 4 of the document to determine whether or not you may use the Simple Health Care Advance Directive.

Power of Attorney Forms

Power of Attorney Forms Listed by State:

  • Durable (Financial) Power of Attorney
  • General (Financial) Power of Attorney Form
  • Limited Power of Attorney Form
  • Advance Directive Medical Power of Attorney + Living Will)
  • Minor Child Power of Attorney Form
  • Real Estate Power of Attorney Form
  • Revocation of Power of Attorney Form


Free online system for documenting your end-of-life wishes


An interactive site that helps you plan for death both in the distant future and near term, outlines what needs to happen after a death, and provides tips for supporting the bereaved.

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