Low Income Survivors to Thrivers
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Auto Insurance

Low-Cost Automobile Insurance

SERVICE/SUPPORTLow-Cost Automobile Insurance
AGENCYSee each agency, listed by state in ADDITIONAL INFO
COSTLow-Cost auto insurance programs by state and private insurers
ELIGIBILITY SUMMARYSee eligibility guidelines online for each program
WEB LINKSee individual state web links in ADDITIONAL INFO
APPLICATIONSee individual state web links in ADDITIONAL INFO
ADDITIONAL INFOCalifornia’s Low Cost Auto Insurance Program (CLCA)

New Jersey’s Special Automobile Insurance Policy (SAIPP)
Special Automobile Insurance Policy (state.nj.us)

Hawaii’s Low-Cost Disability Auto Insurance Program
According to Hawaii state law, any driver or person unable to drive due to permanent disability who receives public assistance involving direct cash payments may receive free personal injury protection and liability insurance from the state.

For more information, contact the Hawaii Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs.  

Government-Sponsored Car Insurance for Low-Income Families | DMV.ORG

**To conduct a free auto insurance quote by state, not related to state auto insurance programs:
Auto Insurance Policyholder Resources | 4AutoInsuranceQuote.com

Low-Income Auto Insurance Options in the US by Insurance Panda

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