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Medicaid Eligibility Test / Pre-Screen for Long Term Care

Are you an American senior who is 65 years old and older and is looking for options to help pay for long-term care needs? If the answer is yes, then this test is for you.

Why is Medicaid important? It’s just health insurance, right? How will taking a Medicaid Eligibility Test help me?

Medicaid isn’t just health insurance. It is known by different names in different states. For those who qualify for Medicaid, either with or without a monthly share of cost, the insurance can do more than pay for doctor’s visits and medical prescriptions. Medicare doesn’t generally cover long-term care needs, so if you have Medicare and also get Medicaid coverage, you will be known as what is called “Medi-Medi”. Medicare.gov discusses dual program eligibility and how the process works.

Medicaid can cover a host of services and supports, which may include nursing home care. In addition, there are care options for those living outside of nursing homes for long-term care. Medicare generally doesn’t cover nursing home care for custodial care. It does cover Home Health Care at home while recovering from an illness or injury, among other services.

“Home and Community-Based Services”, may include medical care and non-medical support services provided to persons living at:

  • home
  • in assisted living residences
  • memory care communities for persons with Alzheimer’s or in the homes of those who care for them
  • adult day foster care homes

Medicaid can also cover the cost of adult daycare programs, which help caregivers get respite from providing care for their loved ones at home, while the person needing care is cared for in a supportive environment.

Would you like to know if you or someone you know qualifies for Medicaid for Long Term Care benefits?

Take the Medicaid Eligibility Test.

If it looks like you or someone you know will be eligible for Medicaid, the results will inform the test-taker of how to apply for services in one’s area. Click your state from the drop-down menu at HealthCare.gov to find out the name of Medicaid in your state.

Need Help Navigating the Complex Medicaid System in Your State?

Eldercare Resource Planning‘s (ERP) Certified Medicaid Planners™ will help you navigate the difficult landscape of Medicaid for long-term care for people in all states, except for those living in Texas and Florida. Schedule your Free Discovery Call.

ERP helps with:

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